About us

We would like taking the change to indroduce ourselves that you know whom are you dealing with.



Günther KarleGünther Karle - "The Boss"


State approved, publicly appointed and sworn offical expert for breeding, keeping and valuing of horses.


Offical experts for breeding, keeping and valuing of horses are ordered mostly by court or insurances to render an opinion using authorized procedures for taxation.


Skilled and qualified as competitions judge up to S-Classes.


He is looking for new sales horses by customers wishes in Germany and the Benelux Countries, accompanies his daughter Verena on tournaments and is your contact person for purchasing a horse.






Margret KarleMargret Karle – "The Kind Soul" - Insurances and Office


Insurances around your horse.


As an animal owner you have to carry multible risks with your horse - liablility, transportation, disease, accident - hedge your elementary risks - individual and effordable.


Office and Organisation.


Contracts, accounting, finances and family's organisation.


Mental and physical prosperity.


Margret is taking care of family's mental and physical prosperity. She feels about imbalances, is acting as our mediator and provides us with tasty food every day.






Verena Karle – training and sale


Her job is training our horses and presenting on horse shows. She also takes care of e-mails, the homepage and is responsible for our English speaking customers.


Verenas most important successes:

- Assignment of the German Golden Honor (FN) while “German Masters” in Stuttgart 2006
- 3-rd place Baden-Württemberg-Masters 2007
- 1st Place in the Hallenchampionat in the Schleyerhalle Stuttgart 2007
- 3-rd place in the Grand Prix CSI ** Ravensburg 2008
- 1st. place Baden-Württemberg-Masters 2008

- in 2009 she passed the rider's test with the Stensbeck plaque


Werner Sailer - Training and Showing


Horse econimic master and carrier of the golden ridingmedal again enriches our team.

Already many int. successfull jumping horses up to high classes educated.






the best man for all works around the shows like clipping and not to top as groom at the shows.